Plumbing Issues from Old Pipes

Polybutylene: Home owners and property managers, you may have pipe problems like corrosion or stress fracturing in your pipes and not be aware of it. If your residence is over 25 years old, deterioration and corrosion may have already compromised your potable water supply and your drain system causing tiny leaks. Polybutylene was a very popular, cost effective plastic resin used in manufactured pipes and fittings, which were installed in millions of Single family homes, low-rise Apartments and Condominiums in North America between 1978-1995. Common water additives can often attack polybutylene pipe and fittings which can lead to stress fracturing and cause devastating failure. If your property has polybutylene and has not yet leaked, you may think it won’t. But Polybutylene fails suddenly.

Aging galvanized and copper piping can cause leakage and damage to the water system, discolored water and even lower water pressure. Pinhole leaks are often caused by corrosion problems and often lead to costly repair expenses and residence dissatisfaction.

Cast iron drain, vent and waste piping can be a problem in older homes. It depends on the external environmental conditions or the corrosive gases within the pipe. Major blockages and recurring system problems can cause extensive damage and toxic contamination of nearby water.

Advanced Plumbing Solves a Variety of Problem Pipes.